Rene Campbell – Champion Female Bodybuilder

Well known to those in the bodybuilding world, Rene Campbell was the 2011 UKBFF British Finals Champion, and in 2012 she’s progressed even further from a 3rd place in the IFBB European Championships, she ended with year with a fantastic 1st place in the IFBB World Championships.

So it’s into the pro bodybuilding world for Rene… and on to world domination.

Rene Campbell naked sitting on a tree branch
Rene Campbell art nude pose on a tree branch
Rene Campbell nude pose showing back and tattoos

This photoshoot showed Rene in a way that her fans probably hadn’t seen her before, and they’ll be glad to know that we’re already working on plans for more. Watch this space…

Rene Campbell bodybuilder posing naked on a tree branch


  1. Rene is the most beautiful girl I ever saw
    She have “the pecfect body” and a so prety face
    I love her

  2. I’m a man who has been attracted to muscular women all my adult life, especially heavyweights, and Rene is tops! For me, her physique is sheer perfection. She’s the most beautiful woman on the planet!

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