Nicola & James | St. Margaret’s Rottingdean

Nicola & James married at the well known and picturesque St. Margaret’s Church Rottingdean, on the South coast a few miles East of Brighton. Through his work as a conductor, James was able to call in a few favours which resulted in a decent sized orchestra providing live music from the gallery in St. Margarets.

They practiced in the morning and drew quite a crowd as the locals drifted by to listen. During the ceremony, the music and the church acoustics combined to provide a stunning soundtrack to a lovely wedding.

Exterior of St. Margaret's church Rottingdean near Brighton
the clock and front door of st. margaret's church Rottingdean
orchestra rehearsing in gallery of St. Margaret's Church
violinists warming up before a wedding
Conductor with orchestra rehearsing in St. Margaret's Church
spiked church gate with church door in background
stone gargoyle decorating church column
box of wedding buttonhole flowers for groom and ushers
vicar talking to member of wedding party
groom and best man applying wedding buttonhole flowers in Rottingdean churchyard
attaching flower to lapel at a wedding
pair of wedding rings on the marriage certificate
vintage car outside St. Margaret's Church
ribbon tied to vintage wedding car at church in Rottingdean
bridesmaids waiting for the bride outside the church before a wedding
young wedding guest waiting for the ceremony to start
bridegroom and best man waiting for the bride to arrive
bridegroom and best man waiting near the altar
smiling bridesmaid on pew in church
bridesmaids waiting on bench outside St. Margaret's church Rottingdean
smiling bride arrives at the church with her father
st margarets rottingdean-26
st margarets rottingdean-27
st margarets rottingdean-28
st margarets rottingdean-29
st margarets rottingdean-30
st margarets rottingdean-31
st margarets rottingdean-32
st margarets rottingdean-33
st margarets rottingdean-34
st margarets rottingdean-35
st margarets rottingdean-37
st margarets rottingdean-38
st margarets rottingdean-39
st margarets rottingdean-40
st margarets rottingdean-41
st margarets rottingdean-42
st margarets rottingdean-43
st margarets rottingdean-44
st margarets rottingdean-45
st margarets rottingdean-46
st margarets rottingdean-47
st margarets rottingdean-48
st margarets rottingdean-49
st margarets rottingdean-50
st margarets rottingdean-51
st margarets rottingdean-52
st margarets rottingdean-54
st margarets rottingdean-55
st margarets rottingdean-56
st margarets rottingdean-57
st margarets rottingdean-58
st margarets rottingdean-59
st margarets rottingdean-60
st margarets rottingdean-61

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