Frankie Sandford on Wikipedia

It’s a nice way to make a living, getting paid to do something you really enjoy and I’m sure most photographers feel the same way.

They probably also feel the same about the frequent requests that come in asking to use your photographs for free on websites and in other media promising ‘great exposure’ as the reward – but that’s a discussion for another time – and generally expect to get paid. Fair enough, and I’d usually agree, but an exception to that was when I was asked if one of my pictures could be used on Wikipedia.

The picture in question was for the singer Frankie Sandford’s Wikipedia page, and features her on stage with the Saturdays. It’s not going to create any great revenue fro me, and it’s certainly not driving masses of traffic to my website… But sometimes it’s just nice to know that out of all the images of a subject out there, (and assuming they hadn’t been turned down by everyone else) someone chose yours.

Frankie Sandford on Wikipedia. Photography by James Hedley

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