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Kellie & Gary – Brighton Bandstand

A scorcher of a day on the South Coast made for a great atmosphere in the recently renovated Brighton Bandstand. It’s an iconic spot to tie the knot, overlooking Brighton beach and the ruins of the famous old West Pier.
Kellie got ready in the Granville Hotel, based right on the seafront, and from the balcony of the room you could see the Bandstand being prepared for the wedding ceremony in the morning.

Brighton beach wedding-37

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Nicola & James – St. Margaret’s Rottingdean

Nicola & James married at the well known and picturesque St. Margaret’s Church Rottingdean, on the South coast a few miles East of Brighton. Through his work as a conductor, James was able to call in a few favours which resulted in a decent sized orchestra providing live music from the gallery in St. Margarets. They practiced in the morning and drew quite a crowd as the locals drifted by to listen. During the ceremony, the music and the church acoustics combined to provide a stunning soundtrack to a lovely wedding.

Exterior of St. Margaret's church Rottingdean near Brighton

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Lucy & Sam – Park House Hotel

Lucy & Sam had a traditional ceremony in the picturesque Buildwas Church which they decorated themselves with homemade hearts made from ivy and coat hangers.
Lucy & Sam’s dog Bella was present throughout the day and it was important to the couple that she featured in the photographs.
The wedding breakfast and reception were held in the Park House Hotel where the dancing went on long into the night…

bride gasping as her father helps do up her tight wedding dress

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Nicola & Greg – RedHouse Barn

Nicola & Greg were married at the recently renovated Redhouse Barn near Bromsgrove in Worcestershire. It is a lovely modern venue with everything a couple could need for a full day’s wedding celebration. As well as the renovated barn for the ceremony, there is a bridal suite to save the couple even needing to leave after the celebrations, as well as a nice garden and pond.
candid shot of bride and groom in garden after formal wedding photography

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Donna & Steve – Farbridge

Donna and Steve got ready for their wedding in their own homes with their families. They then travelled to Farbridge near Chichester for a traditional ceremony in their modern barn. We used the extensive countryside around the venue for some photography, and then stayed there for the reception with family and friends in this great country venue in West Sussex.

wedding couple kiss during first dance at in Farbridge barn

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Charlotte & Moez – Seattle Hotel

Charlotte and Moez were married at Brighton Town Hall, then travelled the short distance to the Seattle Hotel in Brighton Marina. We were able to stop on the beach for a few shots en route with the Palace Pier providing a great backdrop for some lovely portraits of the couple. Brighton beach can be a busy place but in the right spot, you can get some lovely images with the Palace Pier as a backdrop.

wedding planner talks to bride whilst she gets ready
hair products in front of bride having her hair done for her wedding
glass of champagne in seated girl's hand
reflection of a bride in curlers and her hairdresser
young bridesmaid having her hair done by a friend
pink Moet & Chandon box lying on the bed
close up detail shot of wedding dress detail
wedding organiser writing on a clipboard talking to the bride
bride's shoes on the floor before the wedding
bridesmaid applying make up reflected in a bathroom mirror
wedding dress hanging on a wardrobe door
wedding bouquets standing in small glasses of water
cupcakes and a wedding cake
hairdresser does bride's hair in the hotel room
hotel seattle brighton-10
hotel seattle brighton-11
hotel seattle brighton-12
hotel seattle brighton-13
hotel seattle brighton-14
hotel seattle brighton-16
hotel seattle brighton-17
hotel seattle brighton-18
hotel seattle brighton-19
hotel seattle brighton-20
hotel seattle brighton-21
hotel seattle brighton-22
hotel seattle brighton-23
hotel seattle brighton-24
hotel seattle brighton-25
hotel seattle brighton-26
hotel seattle brighton-27
hotel seattle brighton-28
hotel seattle brighton-29
hotel seattle brighton-30
hotel seattle brighton-31
hotel seattle brighton-32
hotel seattle brighton-33
hotel seattle brighton-34
hotel seattle brighton-35
hotel seattle brighton-36
hotel seattle brighton-37
hotel seattle brighton-38
hotel seattle brighton-39
hotel seattle brighton-40
hotel seattle brighton-41
hotel seattle brighton-42
hotel seattle brighton-43

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Ceris & Andy – The Stonemill

Ceris and Andy tied the knot in this stunning Welsh venue near the world famous Rockfield recording studios – where Queen recorded Bohemian Rhapsody for trivia fans. The Stonemill has an intimate restaurant, beautiful gardens capable of taking a 200 seater marquee, and benefits from Steppes Cottages being on site, meaning the couple and guests can stay on site in a site full of olde world charm, in the heart of the Monmouthshire countryside.

Ceris & Andy at The Stonemill-1

Ceris & Andy at The Stonemill-2
Ceris & Andy at The Stonemill-3
Ceris & Andy at The Stonemill-4
Ceris & Andy at The Stonemill-5
Ceris & Andy at The Stonemill-6
Ceris & Andy at The Stonemill-7
Ceris & Andy at The Stonemill-8
Ceris & Andy at The Stonemill-9
Ceris & Andy at The Stonemill-10
Ceris & Andy at The Stonemill-12
Ceris & Andy at The Stonemill-13
Ceris & Andy at The Stonemill-14
Ceris & Andy at The Stonemill-15
Ceris & Andy at The Stonemill-16
Ceris & Andy at The Stonemill-17
Ceris & Andy at The Stonemill-18
Ceris & Andy at The Stonemill-19
Ceris & Andy at The Stonemill-20

Ceris & Andy at The Stonemill-21
Ceris & Andy at The Stonemill-22
Ceris & Andy at The Stonemill-23
Ceris & Andy at The Stonemill-24
Ceris & Andy at The Stonemill-25
Ceris & Andy at The Stonemill-26
Ceris & Andy at The Stonemill-27

Ceris & Andy at The Stonemill-28
Ceris & Andy at The Stonemill-29

Ceris & Andy at The Stonemill-11

Ceris & Andy at The Stonemill-30
Ceris & Andy at The Stonemill-31
Ceris & Andy at The Stonemill-32
Ceris & Andy at The Stonemill-33

Kate & Nick – Lissanoure Castle

Kate & Nick married in a traditional ceremony at the amazing picturesque Balintoy Church, which sits on a cliff above the tiny harbour that is used as the set for the Iron Islands during filming of the TV Series ‘Game Of Thrones’.
They then travelled to the stunning venue, Lissasnoure Castle, for their reception.


Lissanoure Castle_-1
Lissanoure Castle_-2
Lissanoure Castle_-3

Lissanoure Castle_-4
Lissanoure Castle_-5

Lissanoure Castle_-6

Lissanoure Castle_-7

Lissanoure Castle_-8
Lissanoure Castle_-9
Lissanoure Castle_-10

Lissanoure Castle_-11
Lissanoure Castle_-12

Lissanoure Castle_-13
Lissanoure Castle_-14

Lissanoure Castle_-15
Lissanoure Castle_-16
Lissanoure Castle_-17

Lissanoure Castle_-18
Lissanoure Castle_-19

Lissanoure Castle_-20

Lissanoure Castle_-21

Lissanoure Castle_-22

Lissanoure Castle_-23
Lissanoure Castle_-24

Lissanoure Castle_-25

Lissanoure Castle_-26
Lissanoure Castle_-27
Lissanoure Castle_-28

Lissanoure Castle_-29
Lissanoure Castle_-30
Lissanoure Castle_-31
Lissanoure Castle_-32
Lissanoure Castle_-33
Lissanoure Castle_-34
Lissanoure Castle_-35

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Sarah & David – Dorset House

Sarah and David at Dorset House in West Sussex. The Great Barn at Dorset House is a gorgeous barn wedding venue near Pulborough in West Sussex, with a picturesque church next door. On the site of Dorset House school with the natural amphitheatre in the gardens, it makes for a beautiful setting for a traditional wedding ceremony and relaxed country reception all in one place.

Alfred Angelo wedding dress hanging up before a wedding
Dorset House Barn Wedding Photography-2
Dorset House Barn Wedding Photography-3
Dorset House Barn Wedding Photography-4
Dorset House Barn Wedding Photography-5
Dorset House Barn Wedding Photography-6

Dorset House Barn Wedding Photography-8
Dorset House Barn Wedding Photography-9
Dorset House Barn Wedding Photography-10
Dorset House Barn Wedding Photography-11
Dorset House Barn Wedding Photography-12
Dorset House Barn Wedding Photography-13
Dorset House Barn Wedding Photography-14
Dorset House Barn Wedding Photography-15
Dorset House Barn Wedding Photography-16
Dorset House Barn Wedding Photography-17
Dorset House Barn Wedding Photography-18
Dorset House Barn Wedding Photography-19
Dorset House Barn Wedding Photography-20
Dorset House Barn Wedding Photography-21
Dorset House Barn Wedding Photography-22
Dorset House Barn Wedding Photography-23
Dorset House Barn Wedding Photography-24
Dorset House Barn Wedding Photography-25
Dorset House Barn Wedding Photography-26
Dorset House Barn Wedding Photography-27
Dorset House Barn Wedding Photography-28
Dorset House Barn Wedding Photography-29
Dorset House Barn Wedding Photography-30
Dorset House Barn Wedding Photography-31
Dorset House Barn Wedding Photography-32
Dorset House Barn Wedding Photography-33
Dorset House Barn Wedding Photography-34
Dorset House Barn Wedding Photography-35
Dorset House Barn Wedding Photography-36
Dorset House Barn Wedding Photography-37

Dorset House Barn Wedding Photography-38
Dorset House Barn Wedding Photography-39
Dorset House Barn Wedding Photography-40
Dorset House Barn Wedding Photography-41
Dorset House Barn Wedding Photography-42
Dorset House Barn Wedding Photography-43
Dorset House Barn Wedding Photography-44
Dorset House Barn Wedding Photography-45
Dorset House Barn Wedding Photography-46
Dorset House Barn Wedding Photography-47
Dorset House Barn Wedding Photography-48
Dorset House Barn Wedding Photography-49
Dorset House Barn Wedding Photography-50
Dorset House Barn Wedding Photography-51
Dorset House Barn Wedding Photography-52
Dorset House Barn Wedding Photography-53
Dorset House Barn Wedding Photography-54

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Nikki & Trio – Eastbourne Town Hall

Nikki & Trio’s civil partnership was a fun affair at Eastbourne Town Hall. They spent the night before the ceremony at a seafront hotel, and got ready for the big day helped by a group of friends.
A little bit of local knowledge helped later in the day, as we slipped away after the town hall ceremony for some quiet couple shots in the Elizabethan Gardens near Eastbourne old town with views out over the sea.

The Big Sleep Hotel on Eastbourne seafront
Love and Peace cushions in the bar of the big sleep hotel Eastbourne
colourful cushion with LOVE embroidered on it
colourful glassware behind the bar of the big sleep hotel Eastbourne
hairdresser with bright red hair helps bride to be before her civil partnership photography sussex
group of girl friends in underwear get ready for a wedding
friend helps a bride paint her nail on her wedding day
hers and hers suits hanging up before their civil partnership
white flower decoration in bright red hair
champagne cork on hotel bed
open champagne bottle with girls dressing in the background
two girls say cheers before their civil partnership
yellow and red button hole flowers on a table
flowers on the table for wedding reception
pair of wedding rings for a civil partnership
two girl wedding cake decorations for civil partnership reception
Eastbourne Town Hall exterior photograph
two girls arrive for their civil partnership photography and ceremony in Eastbourne
friends waiting at wedding venue with flowers for the bride
young bridesmaid in her dress holding a bouquet
bride in white suit hugging a pair of flower girls at her civil partnership
bride and young bridesmaids before civil partnership ceremony
civil partnership photography sussex by James Hedley The Mayor's Parlour
civil partnership photography sussex by James Hedley The Mayor's Parlour
civil partnership photography The Mayor's Parlour Eastbourne Town Hall
civil partnership photography sussex by James Hedley The Mayor's Parlour Eastbourne
civil partnership photography sussex signing the register in The Mayor's Parlour
civil partnership photography sussex by James Hedley in Eastbourne Town Hall
confetti outside Eastbourne Town Hall after civil partnership photography sussex by James Hedley
posing for civil partnership photography sussex outside Eastbourne Town Hall
confetti on the steps of Eastbourne Town Hall
girls kissing after their civil partnership in Eastbourne Sussex
girls kissing after their civil partnership in Eastbourne Sussex
Civil Partnership Photography Sussex
Civil Partnership Photography Sussex
Civil Partnership Photography Sussex
girls embracing for their Civil Partnership Photography Sussex

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