Photographing with Natural Light

By James HedleyBoudoir, Tutorials

Examining How Natural Light Varies Depending On Direction. Model: Steph Location: Disused Barn, Glynde (map link) I’ve worked with Steph a number of times over the past couple of years, and our working portfolios owe a lot to each other. One of us will contact the other with an idea for a shoot and we’ll … Read More

How to Create a Custom Icon for iOS Bookmarks

By James HedleyTutorials

So, you’ve made a great website to show off your photography or artwork, and you want people to revisit the site as often as possible. Ideally they’ll save it as a favourite or a bookmark in their browser and pop by from time to time to check your new content. Chances are, you’ll already have … Read More

Light Meters – An Introduction

By James HedleyTutorials

Despite many of today’s photographers never having used one, and most likely feeling they’ve no need for one with all the technology packed in to modern cameras, there are still plenty of reasons to look at investing in a handheld light meter. So what do they do? Well whilst the advances within the cameras themselves … Read More