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GoPro Angry at DigitalRev Review

Manufacturer of action cameras, GoPro were up in arms yesterday over a review of their equipment on well known photography site DigitalRev. However, it wasn’t the outcome of the review that prompted them to bring in the lawyers and send a DMCA takedown demand, but the site’s use of registered trademarks. GoPro’s lawyers demanded that DigitalRev removed the trademarks ‘GoPro’ and ‘Hero’ from their site. In other words, the review had to go because it used the name of the product…

The DMCA takedown demand refers to the Digital Millenium Copyright Act, which covers copyright infringements, as oppose to trademark infringements which this case (in GoPro’s own words) was clearly about. However DigitalRev felt they had to comply with the demand as the demand went through DigitalRev’s hosting company, Softlayer.

The DMCA Takedown Demand Sent by GoPro to DigitalRev

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Frankie Sandford on Wikipedia

It’s a nice way to make a living, getting paid to do something you really enjoy and I’m sure most photographers feel the same way. They probably also feel the same about the frequent requests that come in asking to use your photographs for free on websites and in other media promising ‘great exposure’ as the reward – but that’s a discussion for another time – and generally expect to get paid. Fair enough, and I’d usually agree, but an exception to that was when I was asked if one of my pictures could be used on Wikipedia.

The picture in question was for the singer Frankie Sandford’s Wikipedia page, and features her on stage with the Saturdays. It’s not going to create any great revenue fro me, and it’s certainly not driving masses of traffic to my website… But sometimes it’s just nice to know that out of all the images of a subject out there, (and assuming they hadn’t been turned down by everyone else) someone chose yours.

Frankie Sandford on Wikipedia. Photography by James Hedley

Love Padlocks on the Pont Des Arts

Love Padlocks on the Pont des Arts, Paris

A recent trip to Paris gave me a chance to check up on the ongoing saga of the love padlocks on the Pont des Arts. Several years ago, couples took to attaching a padlock to the wire frame of the bridge, and tossing the key into the River Seine, all as a symbol of their undying love. The craze has spread with love padlocks appearing in cities all around the world.

Love Padlocks on The Pont des Arts, Paris © James Hedley

Some cities have even erected metal ‘trees’ to encourage couples to leave the padlocks there, rather than attaching them to historical monuments and heritage sites. In 2010, after the Parisian authorities had expressed concerns and threatened to remove the locks, a large number of them disappeared virtually overnight though the authorities denied that it was at their hands.

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Ophelia Fancy New Lingerie Range

Brighton girls Stevi & Emma founded Ophelia Fancy back in 2005 and have successfully decked out the most extraordinary client list with their bespoke and inspired revivalist collections. Undoubtedly 2011 will witness this cult lingerie brand push their creative boundaries to the limit, with a year rammed with as many limited edition uniforms, boudoir lingerie and accessories as possible. this was the launch of their newest range…


Sophie Ellis-Bextor in Brighton


It wasn’t quite murder on the dancefloor, but it did get pretty hot in there for a bit as Sophie Ellis-Bextor did her thing at Concorde 2 in Brighton.

No harm done though, and 2010 comes to a very satisfactory end. Looking forward to 2011 and hoping things continue to grow as they have done over the last 18 months.

James Hedley and former Spice Girl Mel C

Spicing Things Up…


Whilst former Spice Girl Mel C. was the perfect subject as she posed for a portrait, you couldn’t help thinking she’d been in front of the camera once or twice before. How do you go about taking the picture of one of the most photographed faces of recent times…?

Mel was with us in Brighton to support a band that feature a friend of her racing driver brother’s, so it made sense to grab some shots while she had a few minutes spare, and she was happy to oblige. We then sat back to watch an energetic set by Californian based rockers We Are Scientists.

Tony Hawk in Brighton

Skateboard legend Tony Hawk bought his friends to Brighton as the final stage of a European Legends tour.

A crowd of thousands filled the seafront as he was joined on the ramp by five-time World champion Sandro Dias, Kevin Staab, and Jesse Fritsch. With behind the scenes access throughout the day (and a short stint at the top of the ramp!), I was in a great position to capture some images of a real legend in his field.
Tony Hawk on the half-pipe in Brighton
Brighton crowds watching skateboarders on the seafront

Twestival Charity Auction

Twestival charity auction
TwestivalĀ® (or Twitter Festival) uses social media for social good by connecting communities offline on a single day to highlight a great cause and have a fun event. Twestival is the largest global grassroots social media fundraising initiative to date. Part of the fund raising involved bidding for a photoshoot by James Hedley Photography. Bidding went well and it was good to contribute to a great cause.