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Brighton Beach wedding featured image
Kellie & Gary – Brighton Bandstand

A scorcher of a day on the South Coast made for a great atmosphere in the recently renovated Brighton Bandstand. It's an iconic spot to tie the knot, overlooking Brighton beach and the famous old West Pier. Kellie got ready in the Granville Hotel,...

st margarets rottingdean-39
Nicola & James – St. Margaret’s Rottingdean

Nicola & James married at the well known and picturesque St. Margaret's Church Rottingdean, on the South coast a few miles East of Brighton. Through his work as a conductor, James was able to call in a few favours which resulted in an orchestra providing...

Park House Hotel-37
Lucy & Sam – Park House Hotel

Lucy & Sam had a traditional ceremony in the picturesque Buildwas Church which they decorated themselves with homemade hearts made from ivy and coat hangers. Lucy & Sam's dog Bella was present throughout the day and it was important to the couple that she featured...

RedHouse barn featured image
Nicola & Greg – RedHouse Barn

Nicola & Greg were married at the recently renovated Redhouse Barn near Bromsgrove in Worcestershire. It is a lovely modern venue with everything a couple could need for a full day's wedding celebration. As well as the renovated barn for the ceremony, there is...

Farbridge West Sussex-57
Donna & Steve – Farbridge

Donna and Steve got ready for their wedding in their own homes with their families. They then travelled to Farbridge near Chichester for a traditional ceremony in their modern barn. We used the extensive countryside around the venue for some photography, and then stayed there...

hotel seattle brighton-31
Charlotte & Moez – Seattle Hotel

Charlotte & Moez were married at Brighton Town Hall, and after a brief stop on the beach, the reception was at the Seattle Hotel overlooking Brighton Marina...

Stonemill wedding featured image
Ceris & Andy – The Stonemill

Ceris and Andy tied the knot in this stunning Welsh venue near the world famous Rockfield recording studios - where Queen recorded Bohemian Rhapsody for trivia fans. The Stonemill has an intimate restaurant, beautiful gardens capable of taking a 200 seater marquee, and benefits from...

Wedding Photography Pangdean Barn-57
Rachel & Dan – Pangdean Barn

Pangdean Barn, just outside Brighton was an idyllic setting for Rachel & Dan's celebrations. The gardens and old barn make a perfect venue for an intimate celebration....

Langrish House wedding
Sue & Chris – Langrish House

Sue and Chris married at Langrish House in West Sussex, then travelled to a picturesque setting with views across the South Downs for a country themed reception. Back to top...

Lissanoure Castle_-27
Kate & Nick – Lissanoure Castle

You can't get venues much more striking than Balintoy Church and Lissanoure Castle, which was the combination chosen by Kate & Nick for their Northern Ireland wedding and reception....

civil partnership photography Eastbourne-28
Nikki & Trio – Eastbourne Town Hall

Nikki & Trio's civil partnership was a fun affair at Eastbourne Town Hall. They spent the night before the ceremony at a seafront hotel, and got ready for the big day helped by a group of friends. A little bit of local knowledge helped later...

Digital Rev
GoPro Angry at DigitalRev Review
Manufacturer of action cameras, GoPro were up in arms yesterday over a review of their equipment on well known photography site DigitalRev. However, it wasn't the outcome of the review that prompted them to bring in the lawyers and send a DMCA takedown demand, but the site's use of registered trademarks. GoPro's lawyers demanded that DigitalRev removed the trademarks 'GoPro' and 'Hero' from their site. In other words, the review had to go because it used the name of the product... The DMCA takedown demand refers to the Digital Millenium Copyright Act, which covers copyright infringements, as oppose to trademark infringements which this case (in GoPro's own words) was clearly about. However DigitalRev felt they had to comply with the demand as the demand went through DigitalRev's hosting company, Softlayer.
The DMCA Takedown Demand Sent by GoPro to DigitalRev
Photographing with Natural Light

Examining How Natural Light Varies Depending On Direction. Model: Steph Location: Disused Barn, Glynde (map link) I've worked with Steph a number of times over the past couple of years, and our working portfolios owe a lot to each other. One of us will contact the other with...

Frankie Sandford on Wikipedia

It's a nice way to make a living, getting paid to do something you really enjoy and I'm sure most photographers feel the same way. They probably also feel the same about the frequent requests that come in asking to use your photographs for free...

Love Padlocks on the Pont Des Arts
Love Padlocks on the Pont des Arts, Paris
A recent trip to Paris gave me a chance to check up on the ongoing saga of the love padlocks on the Pont des Arts. Several years ago, couples took to attaching a padlock to the wire frame of the bridge, and tossing the key into the River Seine, all as a symbol of their undying love. The craze has spread with love padlocks appearing in cities all around the world. Love Padlocks on The Pont des Arts, Paris © James Hedley Some cities have even erected metal 'trees' to encourage couples to leave the padlocks there, rather than attaching them to historical monuments and heritage sites. In 2010, after the Parisian authorities had expressed concerns and threatened to remove the locks, a large number of them disappeared virtually overnight though the authorities denied that it was at their hands.
How to Create a Custom Icon for iOS Bookmarks
custom icon for bookmarks on an iphone or ipad homescreen So, you've made a great website to show off your photography or artwork, and you want people to revisit the site as often as possible. Ideally they'll save it as a favourite or a bookmark in their browser and pop by from time to time to check your new content. Chances are, you'll already have created a favicon for your site as a way of keeping your brand/logo visible in the address of the browser and favourites bar, and this works in a similar way. For visitors to your site on an iPhone or iPad, they're faced with the option when saving a URL (in iOS5) to save it to their iOS bookmarks or add the link to the homepage on the device. In iOS6, there are more options to share the link, but the central choice is still 'add to homepage'. If they choose this option, an icon is created automatically on the device homepage by cropping a small area of the current page and then they can choose their own name for the new bookmark. If you're forward thinking enough to have created your own app then you'll already have created a custom icon for the homepage of the various iOS devices, but to get that professional look of an app in only a few minutes, follow these simple instructions:
Rene 006
Rene Campbell – Champion Female Bodybuilder
Well known to those in the bodybuilding world, Rene Campbell was the 2011 UKBFF British Finals Champion, and in 2012 she's progressed even further from a 3rd place in the IFBB European Championships, she ended with year with a fantastic 1st place in the IFBB World Championships. So it's into the pro bodybuilding world for Rene... and on to world domination. Rene Campbell naked sitting on a tree branch
Light Meters – An Introduction

Despite many of today's photographers never having used one, and most likely feeling they've no need for one with all the technology packed in to modern cameras, there are still plenty of reasons to look at investing in a handheld light meter. So what do...

Stuff Magazine – The Gadget Awards

Last month saw the world's best selling gadget magazine - Stuff - host it's annual gadget awards ceremony for 2011 at the Globe Theatre in London, and I was lucky enough to be there as a guest of camera manufacturer Canon. This was partly to enjoy...