Brighton Beach wedding featured image

Kellie & Gary – Brighton Bandstand

A scorcher of a day on the South Coast made for a great atmosphere in the recently renovated Brighton Bandstand. It's an iconic spot to tie the knot, overlooking Brighton beach and the famous old West Pier. Kellie got ready in the Granville Hotel, based right on the seafront, and from the balcony of the room you could see the Bandstand being prepared for the wedding ceremony in the morning....

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st margarets rottingdean-39

Nicola & James – St. Margaret’s Rottingdean

Nicola & James married at the well known and picturesque St. Margaret's Church Rottingdean, on the South coast a few miles East of Brighton. Through his work as a conductor, James was able to call in a few favours which resulted in an orchestra providing live music from the gallery in St. Margarets! They practiced in the morning and drew quite a crowd as the locals drifted by to listen. During the ceremony, the music and the church acoustics combined to provide a stunning soundtrack to a lovely wedding. ...

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Park House Hotel-37

Lucy & Sam – Park House Hotel

Lucy & Sam had a traditional ceremony in the picturesque Buildwas Church which they decorated themselves with homemade hearts made from ivy and coat hangers. Lucy & Sam's dog Bella was present throughout the day and it was important to the couple that she featured in the photographs. The wedding breakfast and reception were held in the Park House Hotel where the dancing went long into the night....

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RedHouse barn featured image

Nicola & Greg – RedHouse Barn

Nicola & Greg were married at the recently renovated Redhouse Barn near Bromsgrove in Worcestershire. It is a lovely modern venue with everything a couple could need for a full day's wedding celebration. As well as the renovated barn for the ceremony, there is a bridal suite to save the couple even needing to leave after the celebrations, as well as a nice garden and pond. ...

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Stonemill wedding featured image

Ceris & Andy – The Stonemill

Ceris and Andy tied the knot in this stunning Welsh venue near the world famous Rockfield recording studios - where Queen recorded Bohemian Rhapsody for trivia fans. The Stonemill has an intimate restaurant, beautiful gardens capable of taking a 200 seater marquee, and benefits from Steppes Cottages being on site, meaning the couple and guests can stay on site in a site full of olde world charm, in the heart of the Monmouthshire countryside....

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civil partnership photography Eastbourne-28

Nikki & Trio – Eastbourne Town Hall

Nikki & Trio's civil partnership was a fun affair at Eastbourne Town Hall. They spent the night before the ceremony at a seafront hotel, and got ready for the big day helped by a group of friends. A little bit of local knowledge helped later in the day, as we slipped away after the town hall ceremony for some quiet couple shots in the Elizabethan Gardens near Eastbourne old town with views out over the sea.     Back to top...

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Digital Rev

GoPro Angry at DigitalRev Review

Manufacturer of action cameras, GoPro were up in arms yesterday over a review of their equipment on well known photography site DigitalRev. However, it wasn't the outcome of the review that prompted them to bring in the lawyers and send a DMCA takedown demand, but the site's use of registered trademarks. GoPro's lawyers demanded that DigitalRev removed the trademarks 'GoPro' and 'Hero' from their site. In other words, the review had to go because it used the name of the product...

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Photographing with Natural Light

Examining How Natural Light Varies Depending On Direction. Model: Steph Location: Disused Barn, Glynde (map link) I've worked with Steph a number of times over the past couple of years, and our working portfolios owe a lot to each other. One of us will contact the other with an idea for a shoot and we'll work together to try and achieve the look we're after - occasionally we learn something along the way...

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Frankie Sandford on Wikipedia

It's a nice way to make a living, getting paid to do something you really enjoy and I'm sure most photographers feel the same way. They probably also feel the same about the frequent requests that come in asking to use your photographs for free on websites and in other media promising 'great exposure' as the reward - but that's a discussion for another time - and generally expect to get paid. Fair enough, and I'd usually agree, but an exception to that was when I was asked if one of my pictures could be used on Wikipedia. The picture in question was for the singer Frankie Sandford's Wikipedia page, and features her on stage with the Saturdays. It's not going...

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Love Padlocks on the Pont Des Arts

Love Padlocks on the Pont des Arts, Paris

A recent trip to Paris gave me a chance to check up on the ongoing saga of the love padlocks on the Pont des Arts. Several years ago, couples took to attaching a padlock to the wire frame of the bridge, and tossing the key into the River Seine, all as a symbol of their undying love. The craze has spread with love padlocks appearing in cities all around the world. Some cities have even erected metal 'trees' to encourage couples to leave the padlocks there, rather than attaching them to historical monuments and heritage sites. In 2010, after the Parisian authorities had expressed concerns and threatened to remove the locks, a large number of them disappeared virtually overnight though the...

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How to Create a Custom Icon for iOS Bookmarks

So, you've made a great website to show off your photography or artwork, and you want people to revisit the site as often as possible. Ideally they'll save it as a favourite or a bookmark in their browser and pop by from time to time to check your new content. Chances are, you'll already have created a favicon for your site as a way of keeping your brand/logo visible in the address of the browser and favourites bar, and this works in a similar way. For visitors to your site on an iPhone or iPad, they're faced with the option when saving a URL (in iOS5) to save it to their iOS bookmarks or add the link to the homepage on...

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Light Meters – An Introduction

Despite many of today's photographers never having used one, and most likely feeling they've no need for one with all the technology packed in to modern cameras, there are still plenty of reasons to look at investing in a handheld light meter. So what do they do? Well whilst the advances within the cameras themselves continue to develop in leaps and bounds, the basic premise of the light meter's workings stay essentially the same - to measure the light in a scene to guide you when setting the camera for the image you want. Generally, you pick the ISO you're shooting at, and depending on the individual meter, it will show you the corresponding shutter speeds across the range of...

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Stuff Magazine – The Gadget Awards

Last month saw the world's best selling gadget magazine - Stuff - host it's annual gadget awards ceremony for 2011 at the Globe Theatre in London, and I was lucky enough to be there as a guest of camera manufacturer Canon. This was partly to enjoy the evening (with entertainment provided by Angelos Epithemiou) but also to test drive their new compact camera, the Ixus 220 HS in the tricky low light environment around the ceremony dinner. The camera itself is extremely compact and nice in the hand and not too slippy for such a sleek body, start-up time is quick and AF is nippy enough for this price bracket and it has all the features you'd expect: 12.1-megapixel sensor HDMI output Full-HD video...

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